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Номер товара: 131966536786
Продавец: seearchandelier (16807) 99.7% позитивных отзывов
Товар из: Poole, GB

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Состояние товара: New
Окончание аукциона: 14 д. 14 ч. 40 мин.
Купить сейчас: £22.67
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Краткое описание товара

Детальное описание товара


Welcome to the Seear Lights Ebay store.


We are based in Dorset, England:  




Choice of 36 Chandelier Bundles - each set consists of either: 20, 24 or 25 pieces

Also Option to specify different metal connectors 




Feel free to message me with your requirements.

This lot comprises of a choice of 36 sets of new and unique chandelier droplet chains. 

Each set consists of either: 20, 24 or 25 pieces.

Each chain consists of a smaller octagonal droplet connected to a larger shaped piece using chrome 

connectors with a further matching connector provided for hanging them.

Use the drop down box to choose the set you wish to buy.

For more details on each individual bundle please find a list of the bundles offered below. 

Next to each set I have noted the item number. If you copy and paste the item number into the 

eBay search bar a full dedicated advert will appear relating to that specific bundle 

and there you will find measurements and more specific details.

Tip: Open a new browser, go to the eBay home page to search by item number

25 Pieces Clear Mix: Item number: 151344438202

24 Pieces Clear Std & XL Mix: Item number: 131199050834

24 Pieces Clear Icicle Orb Mix: Item number: 131963918099

24 Pieces Clear & AB Mix: Item number: 152265523658

24 Pieces Clear AB Pastel Mix: Item number: 152266923918

25 Pieces AB Mix: Item number: 151140384959

24 Pieces AB & Soft Pastel Mix: Item number: 131941443803

24 Pieces AB & Deep Pastel Mix: Item number: 131942368340

25 Pieces Vitrail Mix: Item number: 151140998245

20 Pieces Blue Mix: Item number: 151557182948

25 Pieces Blue & Purple Mix: Item number: 152210925733

24 Pieces Sage, Emerald & Peacock Mix: Item number: 131961961912

20 Pieces Emerald Mix: Item number: 151310610125

24 Pieces Emerald Mix: Item number: 151866947632

25 Pieces Sage & Emerald Mix: Item number: 131960985472

20 Pieces Sage Mix: Item number: 131698776893

20 Pieces Lilac Mix: Item number: 151383424360

20 Pieces Pink & Lilac Mix: Item number: 151383483685

20 Pieces Soft Pink Mix: Item number: 131420795238

20 Pieces Pink Mix: Item number: 152213966020

24 Pieces Pink Mix: Item number: 151311534785

24 Pieces Purple & Lilac Mix: Item number: 131961940102

20 Pieces Purple Mix: Item number: 131408239618

24 Pieces Purple Mix: Item number: 131641313773

20 Pieces Red Mix: Item number: 151577899504

24 Pieces Red Mix: Item number: 131236714267

20 Pieces Peacock Mix: Item number: 151141394668

24 Pieces Peacock Mix: Item number: 151871464401

25 Pieces Peacock & Teal Mix: Item number: 151342254881

20 Pieces Antique Teal Mix: Item number: 131199270948

24 Pieces Antique Teal & Blue Mix: Item number: 131962344940

25 Pieces Teal Mix: Item number: 151874183392

25 Pieces Pastel Mix: Item number: 131199215418

25 Pieces Summer Colour Mix: Item number: 131917725225

25 Pieces 2015 Colour Mix: Item number: 131489118359

25 Pieces 2016 Colour Mix: Item number: 151347569707

These are machine cut glass pieces - not crystal

Silver coloured hoops are included with a further matching ring in order to hang these 

droplets to your own light or display. Brass rings are available upon request at no extra 

charge if you prefer them but will be supplied loose. 

Each chain within these bundles consists of a 14mm octagonal glass droplet 

connected to a larger feature drop / droplet. 

Please note - ALL items for sale in my store are kept in stock. 

Our chandelier droplets are European made and are not lesser quality copies.

These pieces are ideal for: dressing you own chandelier / replacing drops or as 

decoration around the home. Alternatively they are popular for adding to clothing & accessories 

or may just look good at a wedding reception scattered across tables or hung from a wishing tree.

At Christmas, these droplets look great on a Christmas tree as ornaments.


Welcome to my Shop:   http://stores.ebay.co.uk/SEEAR-LIGHTS 


Payment is to be made within 7-days of your commitment to purchase. 

Pay Pal is preferred however cheques & postal orders are accepted in UK currency only. 

In the case of Pay Pal E-Cheques and bank cheques: 

items are only dispatched once funds are cleared.


Postage within the UK is free. Please check the postage tab if you are outside of the UK. 

Every effort is made to lower postage costs for all buyers outside of the UK. 

It is seldom that a problem cannot be resolved but communication is essential. 

Please do not hesitate to email me - I am always prepared to help in any way possible.

UK Seller:

EBay is a fantastic marketplace for buyers. We note we are competing with many 

international sellers who are able to copy our products cheaply. 

If you are happy to buy copies of our items we understand your reasons without prejudice!

Not only are our products of a finer quality, but the service I offer is quicker, 

more efficient but more importantly... local!


Welcome to my Shop:   http://stores.ebay.co.uk/SEEAR-LIGHTS


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